Our Work

Food With A Purpose

In our endeavor to support the underprivileged, we have taken our first step by starting a food program at night schools and colleges in Mumbai. Nutritious evening snacks are served to over 1,500 students everyday throughout the academic year. The objective is to serve food with a purpose.

The evening snack has motivated students, who work during the day, to complete their basic education. It has also led to higher attendance, higher levels of concentration in class, better retention, lower dropouts and a better academic performance.

Women from underprivileged families prepare fresh and healthy home cooked food for the students. They earn a livelihood in the process. Every effort is made to maintain hygiene and quality. Regular feedback is solicited from students, teachers and school authorities.

Our food program is being scaled up significantly in the current academic year. Our current cost is Rs. 8 per serving. We are committed to building a model that is low cost, scalable, sustainable and measurable.

What are night schools?

Night schools and junior colleges are instrumental in catering to the educational needs of the youth working during the day. Functioning for 3 hours in the evening in the same classrooms used during the day by day scholars, they mostly provide educational facilities to students of secondary and higher secondary classes (Standards VIII – XII).

Students at night schools are breadwinners from underprivileged families who need to work full time in order to support themselves. It is inspiring to meet them after a hard day’s work and find them eager to complete their education in the hope for a brighter future.



Food Program at:

  • Unnati Night High School, Worli
  • G.E.S. Parel Night High School & Junior College, Parel
  • Milind Night High School & Junior College, Parel
  • K.M.S. Parel Night High School & Junior College, Parel
  • Shivaji Night High School, Dadar
  • Kannada Progressive Night High School, Dadar
  • Patanwala Night High School, Byculla
  • Social Service Night High School & Junior College, Parel
  • Maratha Night High School, Worli
  • Utkarsh Night School, Worli
  • Ambedkar Night School, Worli
  • Sahkar Night School, Parel
  • Gokhale Night School, Dadar